Thursday, April 2, 2009


When you're a woman of a "certain age " buying shoes is a big problem, especially if you want something that has a certain style....a bit of pizzaz ! you know what I mean....

I usually end up with a very matronly looking health shoe, bought from the local pharmacy, or a pair of slides that get worn to death simply because they are just so easy to slip into...... but yesterday as I was wandering thru one of our many arcades, tired and footsore, I happened upon a little shop that seemed to be selling a bit of everything , and these shoes caught my eye.

They look about my size, I thought, then dismissed the idea.......

Could do a lot for the "basic black" if they fitted, I told myself.

No - they'd never fit my once slim foot, now a bit puffy and large around the ankle, the rather large bunion adding to the problem. (Age has SO much to answer for)

but I found my hand reaching out for them and before you could say "hey ho silver" they were on....and they were mine !! MANOLO BLAHNIK, EAT YOUR HEART OUT.

They fit ! They are comfortable ! They have HEELS ! - 3cms high, (that's one inch in the old money) so I feel just so much taller,
and elegant.

Can't wait to wear them at my grand daughter's christening,
I'm sure she'll think I'm just so chic !

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Little Miss Pink said...

They are lovely new shoes

running thread said...

Your shoes looked gorgeous at the Christening and so did you ... xxx

White Dove said...

Thanks running thread, just read your comment


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