Saturday, May 23, 2009


You can get too much of a good thing......
and I certainly wouldn't wish this on anyone

Major flooding (again) in many parts of Queensland and New South Wales,
with some folk losing valuable crops..... cars......their business.... household items....
or even their life......

It is heart wrenching to see people sorting through the mud and slush,
finding their water logged photo albums and memories,
hoping something, just something might be salvaged

What did Dorothea Mackellar say in her poem about Australia.....

"through flood, and fire and famine "........?

We've had the floods and the devastating bush fires.
Let's hope there'll be no famine

My heart reaches out to all those who have been affected

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Don't you love the rain?

Just look at these raindrops on the white rose,
making the most of their time before the sun comes out
when they'll disappear, leaving everything they touch refreshed.....

So many songwriters have been inspired by the rain -

Come Rain Come Shine
September in the Rain
A Rainy Night in Georgia
Rainy Days and Mondays
Didn't it Rain
Here Comes the Rain Again
I Can't Stand the Rain
Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head
and that's just a few that come to mind........

Hopefully , the lawns will return, the gardens grow
and the dams will fill with this precious commodity

My newly planted veggies will make the most of it.

Just check out this italian parsley........

Seems to have grown overnight

Make the most of your time in the sun little plant,
You'll soon be adorning some of my wonderful winter dishes !

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Saturday, May 9, 2009


A Family Gathering.....
and here are some of us celebrating the Christening
Georgia Louise, our third Grandchild

(See what Georgia has to say about her day, in the posts below !)
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Well, how about these shoes?
Aren't they something !

Made for me by my Aunty Jan for my Christening Day

She even added a little ladybird to sit on the petals of the flower

Aren't they exquisite !

It's a big day today Taylor says....

She says "Don't be nervous"
Nothing to worry about here -

She says I look beautiful
So does she....

But....hang on a moment....
Who's this guy?
and what has he got for me in his little jar ?

and where are my clothes?

Aunty Jan Godmother....hold me tight!

That's much better....a nice warm bath....

He keeps saying my name


but that's OK
My Mummy's with me now.....

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Friday, May 8, 2009


Well, that wasn't so bad....
and now
it's time to party!

Cousin Eliza and my sister Zoe
are busy at the church offering everyone the bomboniere....
such a BIG word for me to remember!

this is my Christening Cake.....

almost too good to eat!

and here are the little cupcakes for everyone to take home.....

Lots of good food to eat
Lots of friends to see
Lots of laughter
Lots of fun

A Happy, Happy Day

Thank You Mummy & Daddy xxxx
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Sunday, May 3, 2009


This is the bloke I live with........

He didn't always look like this. When I met him he had hair.....lots of it..... And really there wasn't all that much that we had in common, except for our love of Jazz..... so much so that we found we had some of the same records in our collections....... Remember records? They were those big round vinyl platters (and I hear they are coming back into fashion can you believe)

There must have been some sort of spark because that was back in the 50's and here we are together still.......and yes, those vinyls are still with us

But I digress.....

Now in retirement he has found a new and wonderful hobby as a presenter on community radio and gets to play lots of wonderful stuff every Friday night for 2 HOURS.... He's in Jazz heaven!

He has been doing this now for several years since the station's inception and his collection continues to grow across every genre. He reckons he's got something for everyone no matter what their taste in Jazz....

The wonderful thing is he can be heard world wide! Yes, anyone can hear the live broadcast......just log on to and he'll be there every Friday night from 8pm - 10pm Eastern Australian Time

When he first started broadcasting it was understood that I would listen at he knew he had at least one person tuned in.... ( He would sometimes dedicate a track to "his listener").... but now I go with him to the studio to take any calls that may come in. He gets a real kick to know there are people out there...listening....

"They're out there Mulder" he often says

And here he is enjoying some of his fine Jazz.....

Go Man.....Go...Play that thing!

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Saturday, May 2, 2009


We were in Melbourne for the Easter Bunny's visit
and here is Zoe on dress up day at school
looking just the part

Such an exciting time for the little ones as the nest was prepared
the carrots there for nibbling
and the anticipation as bedtime approached......

Yes...the bunny came...
and what a mess of chewed up carrot all over the floor!

And there were Easter eggs for everyone !

........except for Georgia (Little G)
who had to be content with
vegemite on toast

No chocolate for HER this year !

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Friday, May 1, 2009


Why is it that when you have made wonderful plans...special things to do and great people to catch up with... that things don't always turn out as you would like. It's almost as if you are being punished for being so happy, and so excited. You know how it is....suddenly out of the blue you get a zit (right in the middle of your forehead) when you are wanting to look really special . Or worse....herpes... (simplex that is.... not the other kind).... or, as in my case, felled at the knees by THE COMMON COLD! How can this happen?

Here I was looking forward so much to being with my great family in Melbourne, doing all the things we had planned, when after a couple of days of bliss... BAM, KAPOW... I was transformed into someone to be avoided as I sneezed....ached...coughed....spluttered... my throat raw and unable to swallow. I had every possible medication with me except anything that was needed for a cold....and I was utterly miserable

My voice disappeared.....there was just this croak! Then it came back two octaves lower, frightening the grandchildren. "Nana you sound funny" they said, backing away.... Then, miracle of miracles, it all seemed to pass. I was feeling much better

It was a false dawn however. Within two days I was back to square one and taken the rest of the family with me....I was the visitor from hell!



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