Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Dear Friends.....this will be my last blog for the year, as it's time to prepare for the journey south to be with our family at this special time.

What a memorable year it's been.....One never knows what's round the next corner just waiting to come alongside!   You have to take it in your stride, the happy with the sad, the good with the bad....never let it get you down.....(# sounds like something out of a song I once knew!)

Please try to enjoy all that this time of year has to offer.....It will mean different things to different people.... (# sounds like something out of a song I once knew)... but the common denominator, the most important thing of all is to try to have love and compassion in your heart.   We can go a long way on that!

Thank you for welcoming me to your blogging world.  I've been amazed at just what is out there to read... to learn...and to experience through other people's eyes.... (# I don't think that's a song title I once knew.... but perhaps it should be!)

I'll finish with a few lyrics from a song that I know I once knew......

How many seas must a white dove sail
Before she sleeps in the sand?........
The answer my friend is blowin' in the wind
The answer is blowin' in the wind 

(thank you Bob Dylan for those beautiful lyrics)

And to all of you.....Merry Christmas!


Saturday, December 5, 2009


A few days ago we celebrated another wedding anniversary.  It was a happy day....we didn't do anything special though because we were both busy with prior engagements..... but I was happy to know that the boy had not forgotten, as very early that morning....even before the birds had started their morning chatter....he had touched my face gently and whispered the words "Happy Anniversary"..... not knowing that I was awake.

We were married 48 years ago....and yet it doesn't seem that long.  The two of us not knowing what was ahead, but trusting in each other that we could make this journey together.  What did we know of life.... or of each other for that matter.  We just knew that we wanted to be together

How young we look in this photo....newly married and about to leave for the reception.... my husband somewhat nervous about the speech he knew he had to front of  people,  some of whom he had never seen in his life before.....Oh the joy....and the terror!


Almost ready to leave the reception...(me in my going away outfit which was the tradition for the times.)
I had made this outfit myself....a softly flared skirt and a three quarter sleeved jacket with boat neckline collar finished with a soft bow.... and the fabric was a beautiful sea green paper silk which I had bought in Thailand just months before. The headpiece was draped with tendrils of lily of the valley echoing the colour of the fabric, and those were my wedding shoes (white pearlescent leather).... and soft suede gloves .  It all seemed so important at the time.....

               Now lets move on a few years......                

And here we are celebrating our 25th anniversary with our beautiful daughters

Our girls eventually moved away to the bright lights, big city, to follow their careers....marry.....and have a family of their own....
And there we were again....back where we started....just the two of us.

What wonderful years they have been and what memories of those times.....
Yes... there have been disappointments....yes....there has been grief and pain with the deaths of much loved parents and a younger sister....but the joys far outweighed the sadness.

He tried to leave me....three times.....but the doctors brought him back... a little worse for wear....but he still had things to do on earth....obviously.   And time goes by....another year comes and goes... and we are still learning about each other. The memory is failing....but not the sense of humour.

 How lucky we have been so far on this journey of a lifetime, happy in each other's company....making no demands of each other....just enjoying our time.... together

Monday, November 30, 2009


                                     Three Mile Island Plant

A few days ago I read in our daily newspaper that the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania had had a radiation leak forcing the evacuation of 150 workers the previous weekend.  There was no explanation why the disclosure had been delayed, only that management felt the levels of radiation were not considered harmful.....

In April 1986, the world's worst nuclear disaster occurred at Chernobyl.......No exact figures are known for the number of workers killed as a direct result of this meltdown.....or the number of people who died from the fallout.....  A code of silence existed.  The contamination spread across countries, affecting crops and livestock, poisoning the soil for further plantings.  But what was even worse was the knowledge that future generations of Russian children could be genetically damaged.......In 1993 two children affected by this disaster came to live with us and be part of our family for nearly two months.....and this is their story

Through our Lions International Club my husband & I had said "yes", when families were asked to host one, but preferably two children from the contaminated areas.  We were told that some were unwell, most had eye problems, some needed dental work..... but they were well enough to travel to a country with clean fresh air, sunshine and uncontaminated food, in the hopes that their recovery would be hastened.

From the list we chose two little 8 years old, and one almost 9.  I prepared their room...twin beds in an upstairs bedroom...with a larger bedroom/sitting room adjacent, with TV and Stereo (This had been my younger daughter's domain before she left for Melbourne and the bright city lights!).... neighbours gave me the most beautiful dolls for them ...then we waited....and waited....

Finally we had a date of arrival and we couldn't wait to collect our two little girls when the bus arrived.  Imagine our shock when we were told that illness had prevented their travel and would we take Alexandra (aged 13), and Alexander (aged 10).  Of course we would....but what about the dolls...and the twin beds!  Plan B needed to be put into operation!

They were tired and hungry...had not met before boarding the bus at the airport.....Alexandra spoke few words of English......Alexander didn't speak at all....nothing....but they seemed happy to be with us if not a little wary. I had tears in my eyes as I unpacked the young boys clothes...threadbare... and the soles of his runners were worn through in places, but Alexandra was quite the young lady.... with a good dress, casual clothes, and some jewelery.  I wondered how I would manage as my husband left for work the next morning with the words..."Good Luck"

I could write pages and pages......about the time we had getting to know each other....gaining their confidence....taking them shopping for new clothes.... "Are always these many clothes in shops"  Sasha asked of me. ( Between us we had decided on short names... Sasha for Alexandra, and Alex for Alexander, as it was quite it was for them also... as Sasha is also a boy's name and short for Alexander).
Alex finally spoke some Russian and then he learned some English words...and we in turn learned some Russian!

The joy they brought to our home was unbelievable....they made friends with the neighbours.  Alex could play soccer and was snapped up for a local team.....Sasha went to a local college a couple of days a week with a neighbour who was the Deputy Principal....they washed cars....watered the garden.... ("May we wash flowers?" ) Sasha would ask.  Alex made cakes....Sasha learned to cook Spaghetti Bolognese...and excitedly told her parents on the phone. They went to the beach....and on picnics.  And they ate....and ate...(.bananas up to 3kgs per day!) ...they gained weight and their cheeks were pink....laughter filled the house.

                                        At the beach in Winter...brrr
                                                     (why no people swim?....THEY did!)

Alex loved to be with my husband....(apart from his mother, he had a big older sister and younger twin sisters . He would only have been about 3 when his father died from the fallout)...and so this relationship blossomed.  He would come downstairs every morning and sit in the chair next to my husband while he read the paper, and would be there again at night beside him watching TV.  At one time Boris Yeltsin appeared on a news bulletin.  He pointed to him...."Bad"....he said.

                                                                        Good Mates

We celebrated Alex's 10th birthday with a party at MacDonalds. He had made lots of friends....and the manager presented him with a watch....not one of those toy ones, but a beautiful gold plated one with a leather band.(I think he would have preferred one with Ronald on the dial!)

Happy Times

Too soon it was time to go.  We packed up their ones had been bought to cater for all the extras they were taking home.  Sasha had a tennis racquet..(and balls)...for her father... they had clothes and gifts from neighbours. Alex was presented with the soccer club's uniform and a team photo...they were happy....they were excited........we were sad

The neighbours gathered in the early hours before dawn to farewell them...there were kisses and hugs....and tears.  We were on our way to the airport in Brisbane where they would board the British Airways Jet that would take them home.

We didn't say much on the way back.  It was a long drive and we'd been up since before dawn.  We needed a coffee and a good sleep.  It wasn't until the next morning when we woke to an empty house that we realised they were really truly gone....just Alex's fingerprints left there on the lowered ceiling as he used to bound down the stairs then reach up to touch the sky......

Sunday, November 29, 2009


I have just posted The Booklist for 2010.....(See Side Bar).
None of mine ....unfortunately, but we do get to read one of Obama's.  (Looks like I'll have to read Sarah Palin's on the sly)

Not a bad collection though I must admit...some even appeal....and if I can get through the lot of them, how much more knowing will I be....(mmm.....don't think I'm gonna make the full list...)

Not even a "Twilight " in sight!..... I'm out of luck.... again    (Have just removed tongue from cheek)

Has anyone read any of these?.....please advise! 

Friday, November 27, 2009


Fresh figs......delicious.....almost dripping with their own nectar.

On this very hot and humid morning.....what a breakfast treat!

They looked so great, I wanted to share them with you all.....

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


The Lemonade Award .....
 Imagine my surprise ....and find that my blogging companion Journaling Woman had thought my blog worthy of this nomination.

This is my acknowledgment of her faith in me as a blogger, albeit a somewhat misplaced one, as I have not posted as often as I would have liked these last months.

I'm rather new to this game...but it is now a special part of my life, as I've discovered just how much alike many of us are, disregarding age, location, family situations and the like. 

The reason I became a blogger was the hope that in the years to come when I am just a fading memory, something of my being would be captured in my musings and would become a permanent memory for my grandchildren who at times seem a million miles away, even though we visit, and talk on the phone. My family is the mainstay of my life.

So thank you Teresa....and all who drop by.....for taking the time to welcome me into your lives....sometimes offering words of encouragement, comfort, joy and laughter......  You are all so very special, and much appreciated.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


 I belong to a Bookclub..... 

 I have been a member of this fascinating group now for over 10 years,
and considering we read one book each month...  (except for the month of January.... which allows us to get into some really trashy reads over the Christmas break  )... a lot of books have been stacked on my bedside table at one time or another!

At this time of year we have to choose the books for the following year.  Much discussion takes place as titles are put forward and rejected...(or accepted).  Considering we have to choose 11 books and we have a membership of around 20, I feel rather elated when I have a book on the list.

Belonging to this club has broadened my reading horizon.....I often have to read a book I wouldn't have chosen in a fit....and sometimes.... to my surprise.... I've really enjoyed it. 

But what I most enjoy are the diverse opinions of our members as the Book of the Month is discussed.  There are usually those FOR and those AGAINST.....and we have one member... (an educated,erudite woman in her  50's ....a writer of scientific texts for University study).... who hardly ever enjoys any of the reads... unless it's a grisly murder along the lines of Silent Witness.   Sometimes these discussions give you a greater appreciation of the novel, and a fuller understanding of the characterisation, motive and plot.   

Such is our group...ranging in age from late 30's to 80's... teachers, doctors' wives, a solicitor, a literary critic, an engineer (male), a scientist....mostly retirees....and me.    I'd say we are a pretty conservative lot.....they don't like too much swearing, sex or other non acceptable behaviour...and to some extent, that's why some of the books I put forward are rejected out of hand !

So I wasn't unduly surprised when I suggested we read Sarah Palin's ' Going Rogue '....." It's a love story"  I said "and it's about a woman who loves to exercise....she's gonna RUN" humour was lost on the group who gave it the thumbs down.

 I'm undeterred however....I'm trying again to get on the list with the book of the moment.


Yes....It's "Twilight"

and don't you just love this pic
(courtesy of "The Weekend Australian Magazine)

It's supposed to be for teenagers..... the answer to Harry Potter


it's Harry Potter on Hormones

It's attracting OLDER WOMEN readers!!

It will be interesting to see whether I make it to the 2010 list !
How do you think I'll go ?

And here I am with some of my Bookclub friends

(No prizes for guessing that I'm the one on the left)


Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Alas, alack....woe is me....I'm too busy.....just too busy to post to my blog....  Just too busy reading what other folks are posting  to attend to my own.   But what a wonderful time I'm having....

It will have to stop.

But how fascinating is this blogging life?..... What wonderful fulfilling lives some people lead..... How many happy.....sad.....insightful....informative....laugh out loud things have I read about that stir my interest... touch my heart....occupy my thoughts?

"You will never be lonely in your old age "  my husband says of this new found interest which has taken up residence in our home.

How sweet is that dear readers......I AM old.......but this blogging life has a lot going for it.  Yay !!!

Saturday, October 31, 2009


"Cant talk too long Mum....lots to do."    My daughter's voice, joyous once again, no longer the measured tone, means that she is feeling well. Oh Happy Day! 

Leith has this window of opportunity ....a few weeks to let her hair down... (what hair you might say...the peach fuzz hiding under her wig is not yet long enough )... and live it up.  Do the Christmas shopping.... look at her garden.... go for walks with the kids in the early evening....get out her cook books....go to the movies......just a few simple pleasures before the fog of tiredness descends once again as she moves into the next stage of her treatment.   

And tonight.... to give thanks to the many dear friends and relatives who have helped her and her family on this journey, she is hosting " A Girls' Night In ".    This is a strictly women only night....lots of fun and food...lots of pink (balloons, champagne, cup cakes, clothing) ...trashy magazines.... weepy name it, anything goes !  It will be a fund raising celebration for the Pink Ribbon Foundation and will be a great night.

(She did ask her stepson -17 years old and quite a hunk- if he would like to be the drink waiter for the night, but when the words....shirtless...and pink bow tie.... were mentioned, he beat a hasty retreat.  She thought that would do the trick)

As for me, well I'd like to be there to enjoy the moment, but I know there will be lots of photos and stories to I'll settle down with this great DVD - 13 episodes in the second series of Mad Men....a time of pointy bras, gloves and stockings,cinched waists and flouncy skirts, an era I was part of.....and the words "male chauvinist"  were just blips on the far away radar......

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Today in Australia is National Breast Cancer Awareness Day....and all morning on the magic of radio I've been hearing such inspiring tales from women who have been diagnosed with this devastating condition.   I salute you all... you wonderful women....and I pay tribute to those who did not make it.

Every day we read or hear of new advances being made in the fight against this most insidious disease. Progress is being made, although for those already suffering, time moves so slowly....but it will be wonderful to know  that within a few years ( such a short space of time in the scheme of things,) there may be a simple answer to the problem. We can only hope.....

With this day in mind I would like to share with you all some special thoughts for my daughter....

                                  Be like a very small joyous child
                                    Living in the ever present Now 
                                  Without a single worry or concern
                                   About even the next 
                                  Moment in time.....

                                  Be at peace...
                                  And see a clear pattern and plan

                                Running through your life......

                                  Nothing is by chance.

                                                   (Words by Eileen Caddy)                  .

Monday, September 7, 2009


I love this photo of my daughter Leith with her children
Zoe and Georgia

It was taken when Georgia was just one day old....
and big sister Zoe, 6 going on 7

Georgia is now 15 months, a happy contented toddler
with lots to say....and big smiles for everyone she meets
Zoe, now a grown up seven, wonders what happened to the life
she once knew.....
where she could leave her pencils, toys, books etc,
for a few moments without some little person stopping by
and claiming ownership

" It's not fair Mummy " she says,
but all is soon forgiven when Georgia offers her face for her sister's kiss

What's not fair.... is that Leith is in her 12th week of chemo....
Still smiling, still happy, with such a lot to bear....
still a long road to travel

But with the wonderful support of her special friends and relatives
she's been able to maintain a positive frame of mind
and still has her zany sense of humour

Next week I will be with her in Melbourne hold her hand....
and to give her some of the love she lavishes on her daughters

It's time for me to be with her....
to wrap her in cottonwool....
cook and clean as only a Mother can..........
and to cherish this special time we will have together.

When both my daughters were tots themselves and they suffered hurt or pain
They would come running to me saying "make it go Mummy" .......
A kiss and a cuddle.... tears wiped from their eyes..... and all was well with the world.

If only it were that simple
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Sunday, September 6, 2009


          As a postscript to my previous post,
it is with much sadness that I must report 
a failure
  sweet Jenny....
as much as you had put your faith in me
          I let you down ...
I was unable to complete the assignment

I rang Jeff the home handyman to come to my rescue 
He's been.... he's seen....he's done the job and gone
and my thingamejig looks just fine in my laundry 

Sorry about that rush of blood to the head !

Friday, September 4, 2009


I went to Bunnings today....something I try hard to avoid. It's one of those places that men frequent...(no, I don't mean one of THOSE places)... but a place where they congregate....where they spend hours in silence, looking.....looking....touching.....looking. Time has no meaning.

As I write I am reminded of a newspaper article of a few days ago, where Bunnings had been compared to the equivalent of Zen for men, in that once inside the store, they tend to enter a trancelike state for several hours, then find themselves on their way home accompanied by some purchase they had no recollection of making and have no intention of using, even if they knew how it worked.

However.....I digress. I needed to make a purchase, and Bunnings was the place I had seen it there I was about to enter this vast interior and mingle with the crowd.

Not for me the aimless wandering....I knew exactly what I wanted. My problem was how to find it without a GPS, compass or similar device. Why didn't I ask the male door attendant who looked at least sixteen years old, you might ask....and well you might....and I would gladly have done that except I was having one of those moments common to women of my age.... I couldn't remember the name of the thingamejig.

So off I went at a brisk pace....down, around, across, up, back......looking....looking....trying to find the thing with a name that was on the tip of my tongue!

Finally a young woman, dressed in the red and green of a Bunnings uniform jumped out at me from one of the aisles I had been up and down several times, and said "You look as if you need some help" ....and of course I did. I told her my sad tale!

She whipped out an enormous catalog conveniently stored on her person, and we proceeded to scan the pages, and in next to no time we had found the very item of discontent. I was impressed....but not only that, she then escorted me to the very spot where this item resided, lifted it from the high shelf and began to extoll its easy it was to assemble, and how she had bought the very same one for herself two years ago and it was still going strong......but she did recommend that when I assembled it, I should reinforce the back to make it stronger....a piece of pine was needed she off we went again, trekking miles across the store to find a piece of timber the correct size for the job!

("Upselling" I thought to myself, then had a moment's remorse when I found it was only to cost me $1.10 )

She selected a piece from the barrel, examined it, then put it back, carefully chose another, examined it again..."knot holes"...she volunteered, then finally settled on one after she had looked down its length to see whether it was "true". "This should do the trick" she said and handed it to me with a smile.

I liked this young woman, not only for rescuing me from my situation, but for thinking that I could indeed assemble the said item MYSELF. I didn't have the heart to tell her I would be paying a handyman to do the job.

I asked her name - "Jenny " she said....pointing to the prominent tag on her uniform "I'm Jenny"

And "Yes" Jenny...I'm going to give it a go myself tomorrow.

You were a breath of fresh air !

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Every day, around mid afternoon, my husband sets the table for dinner, no doubt in anticipation that within a few hours, some food will appear as if by magic...... he'll pour the selected wine..... and we'll sit down together for another meal

Yesterday I got to thinking just how many meals I have prepared over the years
The mind boggles....

Nowadays I'm almost on autopilot as I preplan the simple evening meal, taking into consideration many factors.....fat, sugar, cholesterol, protein, fibre, carbs, gluten, etc.
Then I make my decision ......and trot out to the garden......

My herb garden...bursting with health, vitamins and minerals

spring onion, curly parsley, rocket, basil,
Vietnamese mint, brown mignonette lettuce, Italian parsley, mint
coriander, lemongrass and iceberg lettuce.

My little patch has done well this year.....

Gathering what I need it's back into the kitchen to prepare.... a masterpiece !
and in almost no time at all it's done and ready for the table....

"Thai Lime and Lemongrass Chicken"
Delicious......and oh so easy

My husband says....."I'd pay money for that" ......Truly a compliment

"Thank you darling," I say.... and another meal is done and dusted !
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Friday, August 21, 2009


I have a folder of treasures tucked away in my life....they don't have any monetary value... and to anyone else coming upon them, they would just seem to be
scraps of paper, old cards, newspaper clippings, little drawings, and lots and lots of photos......but to me they are precious... and worth a fortune

I came across this folder a few days ago whilst on another I opened it I knew my
day as planned was over and I spent the next few hours trawling through it all.....remembering....

Thank goodness I can still remember, though the mind is playing tricks as I age....but for some of my friends the memory has gone....never to return
Such a loss....and so very, very sad.....

So here are a few favourites from times gone treasures

(Yes that's my Mum & Dad smiling above on their wedding day, 15th June, 1934. They look so happy, about to face the unknown, about to embark on the journey of a lifetime....together)

And here is my Mum again, just two years later, as Matron of Honour at my Aunt's wedding..... very stylish for the times

This is a much earlier pic, and is of my husband's father (George) with his two sisters, Jane & Smig....taken towards the end of WWI as he was preparing to leave for Boarding School
at ALL SOULS - Charters Towers. Only Smig is still with us, still a beauty aged 91 years

And here is a very special photo of five generations of women in my very own family....what a treasure to have

Sitting on front right is my great grandmother, (Mary Ellen) , my grandmother, (Iris Maude) , holding my daughter (Jan Louise) , back right is my mother (Rita Sybil May)
and me (Iris Merle)

It wasn't often that we got together as we all lived so very far away from each other, but here we all were and what a wonderful photo opportunity. My great grandmother died later that same year, aged well into her nineties....
she really was a treasure

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


How much time do we waste in the Supermarket each week?

I know grocery shopping is a necessary evil, but unfortunately we have to eat....
However.... I would like, just for once, to get in and then get out, quick smart.... no unnecessary purchases... no impulse buying.... no long queues.... no price checks.

There's our bill.... pay our money ...."Have a nice Day"... pick up our goods, (in the environmentally correct bags of course)....then hot foot it out of there in record time.

Hands up those of you who manage to do this? Mmmm....I don't see too many raised hands....and why is this I ask you?.....I think it is because underneath all our protesting, WE LIKE TO SHOP !!

We LIKE to wander around looking at the new displays, sampling little tid-bits from the smiling attendant, checking out the labels for the sugar content, trans fatty acids, cholesterol. GI etc.etc.etc....comparing prices, admiring the fruit & veg display.... pinching a grape.... squeezing an avocado ( go on, I bet you have).... looking at the fresh meat prices.... trying to regain our composure as we check again to see if that is really what they expect us to pay..... looking for a markdown price...finding one, then checking the use by date....

It's a psychological battle. Supermarkets aren't there for our pleasure. They are there to flesh the money out of our wallets, to make us spend just that little bit more, so that their bottom line looks better than the other supermarkets down the road, when it comes to reporting time.

Woolworths leads the battle at the moment....Coles having undergone untold damage under a CEO who had never even been in a supermarket before being appointed. (Yes, I kid you not!)

However the race is on....with extra discounts, petrol vouchers, seniors' shopping days...untold enticements to get us to BUY..BUY..BUY ....and we do. Another innovation which I'm yet to experience is that Coles have stated "that once there is a queue of 4 people, they will open another checkout !! WOW how good is that !!!!

Yes, I am a cynic.....Yes, I am a victim.....Yes, I am a sucker, and I know it.... And Yes, I will continue this battle, because I love it, love it....... Why HELLO, ALDI !!

Sunday, July 26, 2009


My Grandchildren love to do their mothers.....and so do I

There is nothing better than to spend time preparing something delicious to eat
waiting patiently while it cooks, and then....
serving it up to the hungry hordes waiting in the wings

Eliza (pictured above) is preparing a delicious chocolate cake as a special treat for
her Grandfather's Birthday.

Note the little apron we always keep on hand for her when she visits.....

Also please note the look of total satisfaction on her face as she gets down to this serious business of baking !

In the picture below, Zoe is busy making scrambled eggs as a surprise for her Mum on Mother's Day
utter concentration as the eggs are cracked one by one into the bowl

and here is the finished dish, light and fluffy, served up on wholemeal toast
How delicious !
and how did the chocolate cake turn out?

Here it is, with rich chocolate icing and decorated to within an inch of its life

Truly a masterpiece !

Yes, people love to cook, and this was reaffirmed by the popularity of

"Masterchef "

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the trials and tribulations of the amateur chefs as they turned out average....not too bad..... pretty good....wonderful..... absolutely fantastic dishes

I watched their joys, their disappointments, their tears as they left the show, till finally there were only two .....

Only one could win of course, but in my eyes they were all winners.....
and I thank them all,
and the visiting chefs
and the judges
For stirring the pot, and getting thousands of viewers, potential chefs to start this wonderful adventure
of sharing a meal, with family and friends, prepared by their own hand.

How great is that !
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Thursday, July 23, 2009


It's that time of year again...the burn off !

And this is the spectacular fire which precedes the harvesting of the cane crop.....

For anyone unfamiliar with cane country, seeing a cane fire for the first time is an amazing experience, accompanied by the great roar as the fire takes hold....and then it's gone

This is a controlled burn, ridding the cane of pests and trash before the big harvesters go in, and the real work starts. Not as hard as it once was, with men, blackened by the soot, hand cutting the entire crop with a sharp cane knife....back breaking work.

But for people living in the vicinity, the harvesting is a mixed the blackened trash, thrown into the air with the upward draft then wafts gently to earth....settling on lawns, gardens, pathways, on the roofs and the tops of tanks, and worst of all, on freshly washed clothes blowing gently in the breeze.

"Black Gold " they call it.......I could think of a few other words...

I wonder what the carbon emissions crew would have to say about this lot !!

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Saturday, June 6, 2009


Life has a way of stopping us in our tracks.....

It has a way of putting things into perspective.........

It has a way of making important things seem of no consequence......

A distant voice saying those few words.........

"Mum, I have something to tell you....."

So Loving.....
So Caring.....
So Vibrant.....

How can my heart be filled with so much sadness, such great love, and not break?

Tears for my beautiful daughter......

Go well my sweet are much loved xx
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Saturday, May 23, 2009


You can get too much of a good thing......
and I certainly wouldn't wish this on anyone

Major flooding (again) in many parts of Queensland and New South Wales,
with some folk losing valuable crops..... cars......their business.... household items....
or even their life......

It is heart wrenching to see people sorting through the mud and slush,
finding their water logged photo albums and memories,
hoping something, just something might be salvaged

What did Dorothea Mackellar say in her poem about Australia.....

"through flood, and fire and famine "........?

We've had the floods and the devastating bush fires.
Let's hope there'll be no famine

My heart reaches out to all those who have been affected

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Don't you love the rain?

Just look at these raindrops on the white rose,
making the most of their time before the sun comes out
when they'll disappear, leaving everything they touch refreshed.....

So many songwriters have been inspired by the rain -

Come Rain Come Shine
September in the Rain
A Rainy Night in Georgia
Rainy Days and Mondays
Didn't it Rain
Here Comes the Rain Again
I Can't Stand the Rain
Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head
and that's just a few that come to mind........

Hopefully , the lawns will return, the gardens grow
and the dams will fill with this precious commodity

My newly planted veggies will make the most of it.

Just check out this italian parsley........

Seems to have grown overnight

Make the most of your time in the sun little plant,
You'll soon be adorning some of my wonderful winter dishes !

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Saturday, May 9, 2009


A Family Gathering.....
and here are some of us celebrating the Christening
Georgia Louise, our third Grandchild

(See what Georgia has to say about her day, in the posts below !)
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Well, how about these shoes?
Aren't they something !

Made for me by my Aunty Jan for my Christening Day

She even added a little ladybird to sit on the petals of the flower

Aren't they exquisite !

It's a big day today Taylor says....

She says "Don't be nervous"
Nothing to worry about here -

She says I look beautiful
So does she....

But....hang on a moment....
Who's this guy?
and what has he got for me in his little jar ?

and where are my clothes?

Aunty Jan Godmother....hold me tight!

That's much better....a nice warm bath....

He keeps saying my name


but that's OK
My Mummy's with me now.....

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