Monday, September 7, 2009


I love this photo of my daughter Leith with her children
Zoe and Georgia

It was taken when Georgia was just one day old....
and big sister Zoe, 6 going on 7

Georgia is now 15 months, a happy contented toddler
with lots to say....and big smiles for everyone she meets
Zoe, now a grown up seven, wonders what happened to the life
she once knew.....
where she could leave her pencils, toys, books etc,
for a few moments without some little person stopping by
and claiming ownership

" It's not fair Mummy " she says,
but all is soon forgiven when Georgia offers her face for her sister's kiss

What's not fair.... is that Leith is in her 12th week of chemo....
Still smiling, still happy, with such a lot to bear....
still a long road to travel

But with the wonderful support of her special friends and relatives
she's been able to maintain a positive frame of mind
and still has her zany sense of humour

Next week I will be with her in Melbourne hold her hand....
and to give her some of the love she lavishes on her daughters

It's time for me to be with her....
to wrap her in cottonwool....
cook and clean as only a Mother can..........
and to cherish this special time we will have together.

When both my daughters were tots themselves and they suffered hurt or pain
They would come running to me saying "make it go Mummy" .......
A kiss and a cuddle.... tears wiped from their eyes..... and all was well with the world.

If only it were that simple
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Sunday, September 6, 2009


          As a postscript to my previous post,
it is with much sadness that I must report 
a failure
  sweet Jenny....
as much as you had put your faith in me
          I let you down ...
I was unable to complete the assignment

I rang Jeff the home handyman to come to my rescue 
He's been.... he's seen....he's done the job and gone
and my thingamejig looks just fine in my laundry 

Sorry about that rush of blood to the head !

Friday, September 4, 2009


I went to Bunnings today....something I try hard to avoid. It's one of those places that men frequent...(no, I don't mean one of THOSE places)... but a place where they congregate....where they spend hours in silence, looking.....looking....touching.....looking. Time has no meaning.

As I write I am reminded of a newspaper article of a few days ago, where Bunnings had been compared to the equivalent of Zen for men, in that once inside the store, they tend to enter a trancelike state for several hours, then find themselves on their way home accompanied by some purchase they had no recollection of making and have no intention of using, even if they knew how it worked.

However.....I digress. I needed to make a purchase, and Bunnings was the place I had seen it there I was about to enter this vast interior and mingle with the crowd.

Not for me the aimless wandering....I knew exactly what I wanted. My problem was how to find it without a GPS, compass or similar device. Why didn't I ask the male door attendant who looked at least sixteen years old, you might ask....and well you might....and I would gladly have done that except I was having one of those moments common to women of my age.... I couldn't remember the name of the thingamejig.

So off I went at a brisk pace....down, around, across, up, back......looking....looking....trying to find the thing with a name that was on the tip of my tongue!

Finally a young woman, dressed in the red and green of a Bunnings uniform jumped out at me from one of the aisles I had been up and down several times, and said "You look as if you need some help" ....and of course I did. I told her my sad tale!

She whipped out an enormous catalog conveniently stored on her person, and we proceeded to scan the pages, and in next to no time we had found the very item of discontent. I was impressed....but not only that, she then escorted me to the very spot where this item resided, lifted it from the high shelf and began to extoll its easy it was to assemble, and how she had bought the very same one for herself two years ago and it was still going strong......but she did recommend that when I assembled it, I should reinforce the back to make it stronger....a piece of pine was needed she off we went again, trekking miles across the store to find a piece of timber the correct size for the job!

("Upselling" I thought to myself, then had a moment's remorse when I found it was only to cost me $1.10 )

She selected a piece from the barrel, examined it, then put it back, carefully chose another, examined it again..."knot holes"...she volunteered, then finally settled on one after she had looked down its length to see whether it was "true". "This should do the trick" she said and handed it to me with a smile.

I liked this young woman, not only for rescuing me from my situation, but for thinking that I could indeed assemble the said item MYSELF. I didn't have the heart to tell her I would be paying a handyman to do the job.

I asked her name - "Jenny " she said....pointing to the prominent tag on her uniform "I'm Jenny"

And "Yes" Jenny...I'm going to give it a go myself tomorrow.

You were a breath of fresh air !

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Every day, around mid afternoon, my husband sets the table for dinner, no doubt in anticipation that within a few hours, some food will appear as if by magic...... he'll pour the selected wine..... and we'll sit down together for another meal

Yesterday I got to thinking just how many meals I have prepared over the years
The mind boggles....

Nowadays I'm almost on autopilot as I preplan the simple evening meal, taking into consideration many factors.....fat, sugar, cholesterol, protein, fibre, carbs, gluten, etc.
Then I make my decision ......and trot out to the garden......

My herb garden...bursting with health, vitamins and minerals

spring onion, curly parsley, rocket, basil,
Vietnamese mint, brown mignonette lettuce, Italian parsley, mint
coriander, lemongrass and iceberg lettuce.

My little patch has done well this year.....

Gathering what I need it's back into the kitchen to prepare.... a masterpiece !
and in almost no time at all it's done and ready for the table....

"Thai Lime and Lemongrass Chicken"
Delicious......and oh so easy

My husband says....."I'd pay money for that" ......Truly a compliment

"Thank you darling," I say.... and another meal is done and dusted !
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