Friday, May 1, 2009


Why is it that when you have made wonderful plans...special things to do and great people to catch up with... that things don't always turn out as you would like. It's almost as if you are being punished for being so happy, and so excited. You know how it is....suddenly out of the blue you get a zit (right in the middle of your forehead) when you are wanting to look really special . Or worse....herpes... (simplex that is.... not the other kind).... or, as in my case, felled at the knees by THE COMMON COLD! How can this happen?

Here I was looking forward so much to being with my great family in Melbourne, doing all the things we had planned, when after a couple of days of bliss... BAM, KAPOW... I was transformed into someone to be avoided as I sneezed....ached...coughed....spluttered... my throat raw and unable to swallow. I had every possible medication with me except anything that was needed for a cold....and I was utterly miserable

My voice disappeared.....there was just this croak! Then it came back two octaves lower, frightening the grandchildren. "Nana you sound funny" they said, backing away.... Then, miracle of miracles, it all seemed to pass. I was feeling much better

It was a false dawn however. Within two days I was back to square one and taken the rest of the family with me....I was the visitor from hell!



REread said...

sick is no good ... i have the sniffles and I think it could be swine flu, though I've not been to Mexico? It's oinking that has got me assuming

running thread said...

We hope you're feeling better now!


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