Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Every day, around mid afternoon, my husband sets the table for dinner, no doubt in anticipation that within a few hours, some food will appear as if by magic...... he'll pour the selected wine..... and we'll sit down together for another meal

Yesterday I got to thinking just how many meals I have prepared over the years
The mind boggles....

Nowadays I'm almost on autopilot as I preplan the simple evening meal, taking into consideration many factors.....fat, sugar, cholesterol, protein, fibre, carbs, gluten, etc.
Then I make my decision ......and trot out to the garden......

My herb garden...bursting with health, vitamins and minerals

spring onion, curly parsley, rocket, basil,
Vietnamese mint, brown mignonette lettuce, Italian parsley, mint
coriander, lemongrass and iceberg lettuce.

My little patch has done well this year.....

Gathering what I need it's back into the kitchen to prepare.... a masterpiece !
and in almost no time at all it's done and ready for the table....

"Thai Lime and Lemongrass Chicken"
Delicious......and oh so easy

My husband says....."I'd pay money for that" ......Truly a compliment

"Thank you darling," I say.... and another meal is done and dusted !
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A Melbourne Girl said...

OOOH recipe please. That's what I need, something easy, fresh and quick.
It looks delicious.


White Dove said...

Thai Lemongrass Chicken

In a hot wok quickly toss some grated ginger, stalk of finely chopped lemongrass, half teaspoom chilli flakes (more if you like) for about 1 minute

Then crumble into wok 500g chicken mince and stir fry for about 5 mins until cooked

Stir through quarter cup each, fish sauce, lemon or lime juice, chopped coriander, basil leaves and about 3 chopped spring onions. (You may like to dissolve about 1 dsp sugar into the fish saucebefore adding to the mix)
Toss well together until heated through

Serve over lettuce leaves and hot rice noodles

Top with shredded spring onion and fresh chopped chilli to taste.

Easy and delicious ! Enjoy !!

Journaling Woman said...

I would pay money for that too! I cooked for someone for 20 plus years but only cook now when family visits.

I glad you have each other!

White Dove said...

Thank you Journalling Woman....I'm luck to have him, though he's given me three very bad scares ...we take each day as it comes and each day is a blessing


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