Monday, April 26, 2010

MAD MEN.....and women

TV Promo on release

Over the years I've watched some great television....and some not so great.... But the series that has captured my attention this last year has been "MAD MEN" ..... Yes dear readers,  I've been hooked by this terrific series and can't wait for Series 3 which is currently showing here in dear old Aussie on Pay Television..... but not at my house!..... (No subscription TV I'm afraid)

So what is it about this show that has drawn me to the TV for hours on end....for not only did I watch the hourly episodes each week....I hired out the DVD's.... then watched the whole lot again in one big sitting!....( MAD WOMAN!)

What it was that kept me entranced for hours on end is that I knew these people.... they were part of my world ...the part that is now just a memory.

Some of the cast of Mad Men

Back in the 50's I worked for one of our country's largest Banks....
and just as in MAD MEN....women had a lesser role. 

There were no female Bank Tellers..... no female Heads of Departments....and as for female Bank Managers....forget it.

 We knew our place. We were hired as Steno/typistes....Ledger machine operators...
and should we marry...PFFT! ....out the door we went.... Once married you had to resign. ( I kid you not !)

 Dining with my friend Judy

Yes...this was my world.....and I was happy to be part of it...for that was the way of things in those days....and just like the females cast in the series, I dressed in the latest fashion....high heels.... nylon stockings....(suspender belts were de rigeur)...pointy bras (making the most of nothing) .... tiny waists....flared skirts.... (or pencil thin if you had a nice ass)... ass?...what am I saying...(.that was unknown in my vocabulary in those days).....and then of course there was the make-up...powdered and painted to within an inch of my life....and the gloves.... Never left the house without gloves, usually white in summer and soft doeskin in winter. Then If the occasion demanded it...(such as going out to dinner with my girl friends after work)....I sometimes wore a hat.
I was single,fancy free...and so naive.....and the thought of marriage never entered my mind

 A Special Occasion

And so my working life continued.....and just as in the series ....promotions came my way

I moved throughout the State  making new older and somewhat wiser..

Then came the 60's
but that's another story.....

But back to MAD MEN....and their women.  I can relate to it all.  That's how it was then....(though the younger generation may find it hard to believe). The ensuing years have brought greater  freedom for women...some may say at a price
but I look back at those years now in wonderment and marvel at the life we lived.  How far have we come !

But wait.....there's more.....

Mattel are about to release their latest range of Barbie's friends.......
And here they are....Don Draper and his wife Betty.....Roger Sterling and former lover Joan Holloway....
They say there's a market for these grown up Barbie Dolls......(Hope they've done their research!)

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Journaling Woman said...

How wonderful to hear about a "real" Mad Men person. I know that as I get older and tell things about my childhood and young adulthood, younger people say "Really?".

I don't watch Mad Men but can see how we could relate to it. My daugter loves the fashion of the day. I will tell her to look at your photos and watch her melt.

PS You're still as beautiful!!!!


White Dove said...

Dear Teresa... I've been in a blogging hiatus. So hard to get back on track when your routine is altered....but at my daughter's prompting here I am....for better or worse.
Thank you for your generous comments....and I hope to be reading your blogs again soon. I miss them x

running thread said...

Good to see you blogging again! Lovely post too ... and the pics are wonderful. So are you xxx

White Dove said...

Thankyou my daughter...loved your comment,and thankyou for giving me the nudge to get back to blogging ! xx

winnibriggs said...

Hi there
Absolutely fabulous. My sister also grew up in that era, me a little behind that, but I can relate to all of this. My sister tells stories just like yours. By the way I am jenny from the UK the lady who is swapping aprons with your daughter.

White Dove said...

Thanks for dropping in Jenny...and good luck with your apron swap. (Jan always wears one when she's cooking. Me...I'm forever soaking my food stained clothing!)


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