Sunday, June 20, 2010


Further to my previous post, I came across an informative article published in a 1955 edition of the HOUSEKEEPING MONTHLY, which I will now reprint for your edification.......


(The Italics are all mine!)

HAVE DINNER READY.  Plan ahead the night before to have a delicious meal ready on time for HIS return.   This is a way of letting HIM know you have been thinking of HIM and are concerned about HIS needs

PREPARE YOURSELF. Touch up your makeup and put a ribbon in your hair.  Be fresh looking as HE has been with a lot of work weary people.  Be a little bit gay and more interesting for HIMHIS boring day may need a lift and it is your DUTY to provide it

PREPARE THE CHILDREN.  Wash their faces and comb their hair.  They are HIS little treasures and HE wants them to look the part

MINIMISE ALL NOISE.  At the time of HIS arrival stop the washing machine, the dryer and the vacuum cleaner

DON'T GREET HIM WITH COMPLAINTS AND PROBLEMS.  Never complain if HE comes home late or goes to other places of entertainment without you, or even stays out ALL NIGHT.  Count this as minor compared to what HE may have gone through during the day

MAKE HIM COMFORTABLE.   Have HIM sit back or lie down in the bedroom.  Arrange HIS pillow and offer to TAKE OFF HIS SHOES.  Always use a pleasant voice

LIGHT A FIRE.  In cooler months, light a fire for HIM to unwind by.  HE will feel HE has reached a haven of rest and it will give you a lift too. After all, catering for HIS comfort will provide you with immense personal satisfaction

DON'T ASK QUESTIONS ABOUT HIS ACTIONS OR INTEGRITY.   Remember HE is the MASTER OF THE HOME who must exercise HIS will with fairness and truthfulness.  You have NO RIGHT to quesion HIM

BE HAPPY TO SEE HIM.  A good wife always knows her PLACE


I might add I had great difficulty typing this blog due to an involuntary gagging reaction.... (which no doubt you will also experience dear readers, should you be of the female persuasion)

I might also add that I had an Aunt who would never allow her husband to see her face without makeup. ( I came upon this interesting snippet of information whilst on an interstate visit to stay with the family as a 12 year old.) ...
She would retire to the bedroom each evening, put on her nightclothes and matching satin scarf to hide the hair rollers, touch up her lipstick then hop into bed.......  She was always awake well before my Uncle.... bathed, fully dressed and made up by the time he came to the table for breakfast..... and he accepted it all as a matter of course......  He was the sweetest person, kind and uncomplaining in spite of all the fluffing around, the cooing baby talk and incessant twittering that was part of her daily routine...... (I might also add that she predeceased him by about 20 years which may have had something to do with the situation !)

Those were the days my friends.......

(As a further addendum.....may I give thanks to Betty Friedan....Germaine Greer......and the contraceptive pill...)





Journaling Woman said...

Wow, maybe this is why I no longer have a husband. :) Very funny.

White Dove said...

Thanks JW....I know you always appreciate my attempts at humour ! xx

running thread said...

I need a wife!!!!!!!

Teresa aka JW said...

Merry Christmas! Miss hearing from you on your blog. Hope all is well!


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