Tuesday, August 11, 2009


How much time do we waste in the Supermarket each week?

I know grocery shopping is a necessary evil, but unfortunately we have to eat....
However.... I would like, just for once, to get in and then get out, quick smart.... no unnecessary purchases... no impulse buying.... no long queues.... no price checks.

There's our bill.... pay our money ...."Have a nice Day"... pick up our goods, (in the environmentally correct bags of course)....then hot foot it out of there in record time.

Hands up those of you who manage to do this? Mmmm....I don't see too many raised hands....and why is this I ask you?.....I think it is because underneath all our protesting, WE LIKE TO SHOP !!

We LIKE to wander around looking at the new displays, sampling little tid-bits from the smiling attendant, checking out the labels for the sugar content, trans fatty acids, cholesterol. GI etc.etc.etc....comparing prices, admiring the fruit & veg display.... pinching a grape.... squeezing an avocado ( go on, I bet you have).... looking at the fresh meat prices.... trying to regain our composure as we check again to see if that is really what they expect us to pay..... looking for a markdown price...finding one, then checking the use by date....

It's a psychological battle. Supermarkets aren't there for our pleasure. They are there to flesh the money out of our wallets, to make us spend just that little bit more, so that their bottom line looks better than the other supermarkets down the road, when it comes to reporting time.

Woolworths leads the battle at the moment....Coles having undergone untold damage under a CEO who had never even been in a supermarket before being appointed. (Yes, I kid you not!)

However the race is on....with extra discounts, petrol vouchers, seniors' shopping days...untold enticements to get us to BUY..BUY..BUY ....and we do. Another innovation which I'm yet to experience is that Coles have stated "that once there is a queue of 4 people, they will open another checkout !! WOW how good is that !!!!

Yes, I am a cynic.....Yes, I am a victim.....Yes, I am a sucker, and I know it.... And Yes, I will continue this battle, because I love it...love it, love it....... Why HELLO, ALDI !!

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Emerson Merrick said...

I just saw your comment on my blog and was so deeply touched. You are a true kindred spirit and I'm keeping your family in my prayers!


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