Friday, August 21, 2009


I have a folder of treasures tucked away in my life....they don't have any monetary value... and to anyone else coming upon them, they would just seem to be
scraps of paper, old cards, newspaper clippings, little drawings, and lots and lots of photos......but to me they are precious... and worth a fortune

I came across this folder a few days ago whilst on another I opened it I knew my
day as planned was over and I spent the next few hours trawling through it all.....remembering....

Thank goodness I can still remember, though the mind is playing tricks as I age....but for some of my friends the memory has gone....never to return
Such a loss....and so very, very sad.....

So here are a few favourites from times gone treasures

(Yes that's my Mum & Dad smiling above on their wedding day, 15th June, 1934. They look so happy, about to face the unknown, about to embark on the journey of a lifetime....together)

And here is my Mum again, just two years later, as Matron of Honour at my Aunt's wedding..... very stylish for the times

This is a much earlier pic, and is of my husband's father (George) with his two sisters, Jane & Smig....taken towards the end of WWI as he was preparing to leave for Boarding School
at ALL SOULS - Charters Towers. Only Smig is still with us, still a beauty aged 91 years

And here is a very special photo of five generations of women in my very own family....what a treasure to have

Sitting on front right is my great grandmother, (Mary Ellen) , my grandmother, (Iris Maude) , holding my daughter (Jan Louise) , back right is my mother (Rita Sybil May)
and me (Iris Merle)

It wasn't often that we got together as we all lived so very far away from each other, but here we all were and what a wonderful photo opportunity. My great grandmother died later that same year, aged well into her nineties....
she really was a treasure

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A Melbourne Girl said...

I love your photographs. Really wonderful! They reminds me of one taken of my grandmother, mother and me many years ago standing outside Nanna's house. I just wish I looked a bit happier in it


Journaling Woman said...

I love old photos and the older I get, the more the old photos contain me !! I miss my grandmas - they were treasures too. I intend to blog about them more than once.

White Dove said...

Thank you both for your comments. Today is my Mother's birthday. Had she lived she would have been 98 years old today. Had been thinking about her a lot in the last few weeks...hence the photos


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