Saturday, October 31, 2009


"Cant talk too long Mum....lots to do."    My daughter's voice, joyous once again, no longer the measured tone, means that she is feeling well. Oh Happy Day! 

Leith has this window of opportunity ....a few weeks to let her hair down... (what hair you might say...the peach fuzz hiding under her wig is not yet long enough )... and live it up.  Do the Christmas shopping.... look at her garden.... go for walks with the kids in the early evening....get out her cook books....go to the movies......just a few simple pleasures before the fog of tiredness descends once again as she moves into the next stage of her treatment.   

And tonight.... to give thanks to the many dear friends and relatives who have helped her and her family on this journey, she is hosting " A Girls' Night In ".    This is a strictly women only night....lots of fun and food...lots of pink (balloons, champagne, cup cakes, clothing) ...trashy magazines.... weepy name it, anything goes !  It will be a fund raising celebration for the Pink Ribbon Foundation and will be a great night.

(She did ask her stepson -17 years old and quite a hunk- if he would like to be the drink waiter for the night, but when the words....shirtless...and pink bow tie.... were mentioned, he beat a hasty retreat.  She thought that would do the trick)

As for me, well I'd like to be there to enjoy the moment, but I know there will be lots of photos and stories to I'll settle down with this great DVD - 13 episodes in the second series of Mad Men....a time of pointy bras, gloves and stockings,cinched waists and flouncy skirts, an era I was part of.....and the words "male chauvinist"  were just blips on the far away radar......


Journaling Woman said...

Isn't Leith absolutely beautiful???

I heard this saying once: As a parent "You are only as happy as your saddest child." Now my daughter the psychologist says we shouldn't do that. I say, try and stop me that's my job.

Among other things that I am praying for, for Leith, is that her heart will be protected through joy.

White Dove said...

Teresa, as mothers we can only do so much. We eventually have to let our children make their own way in the world...watching carefully, always in the background ready should the time arise when they need a helping hand. Thank you for your prayers and best wishes....these are the helping hands she needs at the moment...and she's doing just fine x


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