Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Alas, alack....woe is me....I'm too busy.....just too busy to post to my blog....  Just too busy reading what other folks are posting  to attend to my own.   But what a wonderful time I'm having....

It will have to stop.

But how fascinating is this blogging life?..... What wonderful fulfilling lives some people lead..... How many happy.....sad.....insightful....informative....laugh out loud things have I read about that stir my interest... touch my heart....occupy my thoughts?

"You will never be lonely in your old age "  my husband says of this new found interest which has taken up residence in our home.

How sweet is that dear readers......I AM old.......but this blogging life has a lot going for it.  Yay !!!


A Melbourne Girl said...


He is right. There's so much to catch up with. I love it, no matter how busy I get. I love catching up with everyone's lives. It's great isn't it?

Journaling Woman said...

Husbands are correct from time to time- wink wink.

This blogging life is better than the daytime soap operas (do you have soap operas there?). You are right, so many different interests and information that stirs the emotions. Oh and I am finding out we're more alike than different-we blogging people.

writer said...

Funny thing is that while Australia was generally speaking late to blogging but took to Facebook and other 'social' media like ducks to water, many still don't know what a weblog is - and some regard bloggers as old hat.

kitchen hand (it won't let me post direct from WICLN)

White Dove said...

I agree with all your comments and yes we do have daytime soap operas in OZ (but I was never one to watch)....FB has it place...it's like getting a quick hit, but as for Twitter....nuff sed!.... Keep 'em comin' gals !

arlee bird said...

I'm definitely finding blogworld to be a unique place. Those of us doing it, get it. But when I try to tell the blogly uninformed about it they just don't get it. I can hardly get family members and friends to check out my blog and yet I have people whom I've never met reading and commenting on my posts and, like you, I spend a great deal of time learning about others and listening to what they have to say and conversing back with them.
How often otherwise would I be communicating with someone in Australia or across the country from me.
It's so cool.

Always a mom said...

I enjoyed reading your posts this morning. Thank you for your comments on my post about my
"Sleepless" issue. I am glad to know that family life and issues are pretty much the same everywhere. Am also encouraged each time I see a marriage that has lasted as long as yours. I am married just 11 1/2 yrs.I am sure to have a lot to look forward to. God Bless!

White Dove said...

Hello and welcome to two new readers and followers, arlee bird and always a mom. Great to have your comments and I look forward to an interesting relationship, for that's what it is really, getting to know each other as we share the ups and downs of daily living. Take care out there....it can be a battlefield!!


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