Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Coffee plunger & mugs
This morning I went op shopping.....

I'd been reading about all the wonderful treasures that could be found if you had a discerning eye....and with about 20 minutes to spare before collecting the man I live with from his Chi Kung class, I ventured in to the local Salvos Store hoping that the time spent would be productive and there would be something that would catch my eye.....

I was amazed at the stock....men's suits for $15.....tailored jackets, a bargain at $10.....but wait, I was shopping for ME. Lead me to the ladies' department!

I was not disappointed.....I took blouses from the rack (too small)...never mind ...

What about these camis?... still with the original price tag, now marked at $2 each. Thank you I'll have that beautiful saxe blue, and that cream one could be useful.

What's this....a whole rack of casual pants....$4 each....would I be lucky enough to find my size? ....yes a lovely pair of 3/4 pants in the taupe colour I'd been looking for. I was almost overcome with joy

Time was ticking by and I hadn't even been into the bric-a-brac. The handbags caught my eye....put that down I told myself ...but the leather was so soft...I put it back!

I spied a beautiful hat....where would I wear it....no Melbourne Cup here, but for $8?....I had to pull myself together.

A quick dash into the bric-a-brac...... A brand new coffee plunger caught my eye....could that only be $4. Thank you very much

Then I saw a beautifully stylish Avanti water jug.....it had a tiny burnish mark near the handle....but for $3 it was a bargain.
I checked my watch....time to go.

As I dashed towards the check-out counter, two coffee mugs...(50c each) ....were added to my collection. I could not believe I had this armful of delights and the sweet lady at the counter said...."That will be $16 please, would you like a bag?"

I was in shock....So THIS was op shopping ! 

Thank you to my blogger friends, especially Melbourne Girl and my daughters (who always manage to find such a wonderful collection of designer clothes going for a song in Melbourne).....I had a great time....and I'll be back!

Avanti Slimline Water Jug
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Journaling Woman said...

First of all (please don't think I'm stupid) but what does OP mean. I don't get out much.

Secondly, I'm jealous because the coffee press is on my "list". Four dollars? WOW.

Third, I love love love that water pitcher.

Those are great finds aren't they?

A Melbourne Girl said...

Teresa, it's a thrift store, we call it an Opportunity Shop in Oz.
White Dove, they are absolutely wonderful finds!!! The mugs, the plunger, the water jug. WOW! Great buys...told you it would be fun!

White Dove said...

Teresa & Lesley, my loyal readers....thank you for your comments. I've calmed down a bit since my excursion yesterday, but I did go online to check out the water jug...it retails about $44...so that was a bargain! My problem (should I return) will be "restraint"...and to buy only what I really need. There are several more op shops here in town, but I'll take things very s l o w l y!

A Melbourne Girl said...

Oh come on White Dove, live a little....lol

A little trip each week will ensure you don't overdo it and will actually help you become very selective...just as you were on your first trip

White Dove said...

Don't encourage me Lesley....stop it!

running thread said...

WOW!!!! I've taught you well. Very jealous of your wonderful haul on your very first Op Hop. What did the boy say ???

running thread said...

And I hope you've had some Melbourne coffee in the plunger too. Perfect!

White Dove said...

Well RT, he liked the jug very much and gave a nod to all the rest....and we have been enjoying the lovely blend of roast date coffee from Melbourne (in joke)

Journaling Woman said...

Thrift stores? Oh my. I try to go as often as I can. Oh the treasures I find!

Ok I need to stay home this weekend, but now I am inspired to go myself. I guess it won't be at your Op shop this weekend though. :)

White Dove said...

You'll make it to Oz one day Teresa....and you'll have plenty of friends to visit....Look forward to that !

running thread said...

I popped in to one of my favourite op shops this afternoon and managed to come home with a couple of treasures including an incredibly stylish Armani silk tie ... James LOVES it.


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