Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A NEW YEAR...a new beginning

You could say that the year just finished was one I could have done without, but there amongst all the sadness and pain were moments of great happiness and joy.... and those moments will stay with me when the others are just a distant memory.

A new year....the slate is clean..... and with that comes the hope that I will once again be an active participant in my Book Club.

How disappointing it was this last year.... missing so many meetings.... coming ill prepared.... skimming the book to get a sense of the story, the author's intent... and then "winging it" during the discussions. What a fraud I felt....they should have tossed me out. But even though I didn't have much to add to the meetings, it was so great to be among friends... and I'll try to make up for it this year, I've already made a start!

Wish me luck....

(Check out the Book Club List for 2011 !! )

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A Melbourne Girl said...

OOOHHHH so good to see you're back!!!
I hope this year brings much joy!!

Two of the books you mention are on my bedside table

The Brain That Changes Itself and Atlantic.

I hope they are good! I heard Norman Doidge speak a while back and bought his book because he was so interesting. The same goes for Simon Winchester, who was on the Conversation Hour on ABC Melbourne last year.

Fingers crossed they can live up to the authors.

So glad you're back!

White Dove said...

Lesley...Thanks so much for welcoming me back! So hard to return after such a long time know how it is !

Great that you already have a couple of the books we're to read, so I'll post the comments after the meetings as a matter of interest

Teresa aka JW said...

Hello! You've been missed. During your absence, I imagined you lounging and reading or maybe...traveling the world. I hope this is the way you have spent your time.

Can't wait to hear about the books.

Welcome back!


White Dove said...

Oh Teresa...if only! Have been reading your blog during my much has changed during your year also....and that's life isn't it. Nothing ever stays the same, and in some respects that's a plus !


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