Friday, March 27, 2009


I'm a gardener, or so I like to think. But I'm always amazed when I watch the gardening programs on TV, just how little I know.

I become very enthused after watching Peter Cundall (now retired ) and his ilk, making things look just so easy......mmm...I think to myself, I could grow/ do/ make one just like that ! But does it ever happen. You guessed it. By the time I've made the trip to the back garden, if the enthusiasm hasn't already waned, the sight of the weed infested plot soon puts paid to any ideas I might have had to try something different.

The thing that really gets me about these TV shows is, how come the soil looks
so rich and moist, just like a chocolate cake, yes, almost good enough to eat ?

Mine on the other hand.....well enough said, but it's not for lack of trying. I've got the compost bin, the grass clippings, the shredded paper, the veggie scraps, blood and bone. My garden shed is filled with all the goodies needed for success (environmentally correct of course) and I've got the books, the newspaper cuttings et al. I even belong to a garden club, and regularly discuss my failings with other members, who sympathize but don't have the answers.

However.....things are starting to change. What do you think of this great pumpkin ! Isn't it something ? Huge !!

Unfortunatley.... it's not mine. It's one that grew in Pete's Patch in the Botanical Gardens in Tassie. I'm hoping for one just like it soon.

I'll keep you posted.....


running thread said...

We've just made pumpkin soup. Not from our own pumpkins ... we'll have to wait until May until they're ready to harvest. We saw the little beauties at our plot this afternoon. Gorgeous they were ... a good size and colour. Worth the wait. In the meantime we've got some herby pumkinny soupdaloop - ready for the week. If it lasts that long.

White Dove said...

Is it soup weather already ?

running thread said...

Come on
Time for another post!

White Dove said...

Too much pressure !!!


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