Thursday, March 26, 2009


We've been talking about it for weeks now and we've finally come to a decision - it will have to go.
So we are saying "goodbye" to the local rag, our daily paper.

It's been part of our life since we moved to this city 30 years ago, but enough is enough. Perhaps it's getting old and tired just like us, but even with all the bells and whistles that have appeared on the pages to keep our interest, it has failed the most important requirement - good and accurate reporting !

We've tried to put up with the bad spelling.... the inaccurate captions.... the "crazies" on the Letters to the Editor page.... articles which we've read days before in "The Australian" .... the fence sitting of the editorials.... the hundreds of fish photos (and I mean hundreds)...and the SMS column, but our frustration is palpable as we flick through it all in a matter of minutes, the Funeral Notices capturing our attention as we check to see if we need to pay our last respects to friend or foe.

So it's goodbye....thanks for the good times, the laughs we've had - but really your time is up.
Go quietly.........R.I.P


running thread said...

Saying goodbye is always hard ... it's better to day HELLO ... to your new blog! Well done on your first post. Hello new world.

running thread said...

Eliza says "Nanna hasn't changed! She looks the same."
Wonderful xxx

Kylie said...

Welcome to the world of blogging. LOL at the paper comment - my parents have just done the same thing - and surprisingly enough it might just be the same paper, as it looks and sounds awfulling like the Daily Mercury!

Hope that you enjoyed you Melbourne stay and managed to have a nice COFFEE

White Dove said...

Thanks for your encouraging comments Kylie. Sorry it wasn't the Daily Mercury, so there must be more of the problem around. Just a bit concerned about the man of the house. Looks like withdrawal symptoms could be setting in !

Charles F Millhouse said...

Nice blog. Hope to read more. I'll bookmark and come back as much as I can.


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