Tuesday, March 31, 2009


We've had a great crop of lemons this year.

The lemon tree is the preserve of the man of the house, and I don't go there..... The only thing I'm allowed to do is pick them, but only when I've been given permission by the boss of the tree !

These are the last of the crop, and some are about to find their way into my pantry in little bottles. They'll be ready for active duty in about 6 weeks

I just love the taste of preserved lemons. They add tang and flavour and give a real LIFT to many of the dishes we'll have during the winter..... Tasty tagines with their middle eastern spices.....rissottos cooked to perfection (sometimes), with fresh salmon....and the wonderful pastas with pesto, smoked salmon and a good splash of olive oil. Yum...I can taste them already.

But duty calls and I must away to the kitchen.......

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