Friday, November 27, 2009


Fresh figs......delicious.....almost dripping with their own nectar.

On this very hot and humid morning.....what a breakfast treat!

They looked so great, I wanted to share them with you all.....

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Journaling Woman said...

Wow, I wish I could help myself. They look so good. And... I have never tasted one.

White Dove said...

Teresa...I cannot believe that you have never eaten a fig! The best ones are the ones you pick yourself after having climbed the tree. No...these were bought from the market, but never ever seem to taste as good as the ones you pick and eat on the spot....especially when it's your neighbour's tree and you are only 8 years old!

A Melbourne Girl said...

White Dove I love fresh figs. Ours aren't ripe yet though so I have to wait a few weeks. If only you could pop over and get some while you're in Melbourne!

Teresa, fresh figs for breakfast are to die for and are also delicious with a soft cheese and a sweet wine after dinner too.

Oh I'm drooling just thinking of them

Thanks for the great photo White Dove, I don't think mine have ever been that juicy though. Maybe our tree needs more water

White Dove said... have a tree? Your very own tree? How lucky are YOU. Sad about the water situation though. I also loved figspoached genty in honeyed water and served with just melting ice cream....yum

Fatbrideslim said...

I have never tried a fresh fig...!

I wish you could share that glorious-sounding weather!!

White Dove said...

Yes doubt you are shaking out the doonas where you live. The heat here (we are sub tropical) can be very opressive, but at least we have a beautiful beach just a couple of miles away...and there's always the pool.
As for not having tasted a fresh fig....well that's something to really look forward to. Put it on your bucket list! Do you know in all our travels I have never been in snow...seen it in the distance, but never thrown a's on my bucket list!

White Dove said... with breakfast we had a fresh ripe mango....lucious orange flesh encased in a pinky brown large we could cut slice after slice from it...and there was a fight to see who could have the seed!....just like kids really


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