Tuesday, November 24, 2009


The Lemonade Award .....
 Imagine my surprise ....and delight....to find that my blogging companion Journaling Woman had thought my blog worthy of this nomination.

This is my acknowledgment of her faith in me as a blogger, albeit a somewhat misplaced one, as I have not posted as often as I would have liked these last months.

I'm rather new to this game...but it is now a special part of my life, as I've discovered just how much alike many of us are, disregarding age, location, family situations and the like. 

The reason I became a blogger was the hope that in the years to come when I am just a fading memory, something of my being would be captured in my musings and would become a permanent memory for my grandchildren who at times seem a million miles away, even though we visit, and talk on the phone. My family is the mainstay of my life.

So thank you Teresa....and all who drop by.....for taking the time to welcome me into your lives....sometimes offering words of encouragement, comfort, joy and laughter......  You are all so very special, and much appreciated.


Fatbrideslim said...

Congratulations. I like hearing from your part of the world very much :)

White Dove said...

Thank you Lily...yes, just as I love to hear what's going on with you. (Look forward to hearing more about your wedding plans too)

A Melbourne Girl said...

Congrats White Dove....first awards. They're wonderful aren't they? Just like the green, red and blue ribbon's we used to get for being in races at primary school. Very special.

I love blogging too, more than I imagined.



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