Sunday, November 29, 2009


I have just posted The Booklist for 2010.....(See Side Bar).
None of mine ....unfortunately, but we do get to read one of Obama's.  (Looks like I'll have to read Sarah Palin's on the sly)

Not a bad collection though I must admit...some even appeal....and if I can get through the lot of them, how much more knowing will I be....(mmm.....don't think I'm gonna make the full list...)

Not even a "Twilight " in sight!..... I'm out of luck.... again    (Have just removed tongue from cheek)

Has anyone read any of these?.....please advise! 


arlee bird said...

Read them? I haven't even heard of most of them! Happy reading!

A Melbourne Girl said...

Haven't read any of them White Dove, but did hear Obama read his own book on "First Person" on Radio National a while back. At least I heard some of the episodes. It didn't sound bad, but that just may have been his voice, which is rather nice.

As for the other titles...well, umm, Chloe Hoopers book, The Tall Man is about a death in custody on Palm Island. I've heard her interviewed about that...that's all I'm afraid.

White Dove said...

Lee... it's quite an eclectic list and they are recently published novels.... and some are Oz writers you're forgiven. I know I'll struggle with some, (as I always do)

Lesley....I think the man of the house also heard the reading on radio national....(let's face's glued to his ear most days) as for Tall's interesting that this book has been chosen seeing there are ongoing repercussions...but it may be a different slant on things. I'll check the net

White Dove said...

And no doubt you will be...waiting and waiting Teresa

Fatbrideslim said...

Ah, shame you didn't get what you wanted!

I read part of "The shadow of the wind" before a friend borrowed it and never gave it back! Ah well. Keep meaning to get another copy. I really enjoyed what I read.

Thanks for your kind messages. Very much appreciated. (I promise I've not been reading up on things.)


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