Saturday, November 21, 2009


 I belong to a Bookclub..... 

 I have been a member of this fascinating group now for over 10 years,
and considering we read one book each month...  (except for the month of January.... which allows us to get into some really trashy reads over the Christmas break  )... a lot of books have been stacked on my bedside table at one time or another!

At this time of year we have to choose the books for the following year.  Much discussion takes place as titles are put forward and rejected...(or accepted).  Considering we have to choose 11 books and we have a membership of around 20, I feel rather elated when I have a book on the list.

Belonging to this club has broadened my reading horizon.....I often have to read a book I wouldn't have chosen in a fit....and sometimes.... to my surprise.... I've really enjoyed it. 

But what I most enjoy are the diverse opinions of our members as the Book of the Month is discussed.  There are usually those FOR and those AGAINST.....and we have one member... (an educated,erudite woman in her  50's ....a writer of scientific texts for University study).... who hardly ever enjoys any of the reads... unless it's a grisly murder along the lines of Silent Witness.   Sometimes these discussions give you a greater appreciation of the novel, and a fuller understanding of the characterisation, motive and plot.   

Such is our group...ranging in age from late 30's to 80's... teachers, doctors' wives, a solicitor, a literary critic, an engineer (male), a scientist....mostly retirees....and me.    I'd say we are a pretty conservative lot.....they don't like too much swearing, sex or other non acceptable behaviour...and to some extent, that's why some of the books I put forward are rejected out of hand !

So I wasn't unduly surprised when I suggested we read Sarah Palin's ' Going Rogue '....." It's a love story"  I said "and it's about a woman who loves to exercise....she's gonna RUN" humour was lost on the group who gave it the thumbs down.

 I'm undeterred however....I'm trying again to get on the list with the book of the moment.


Yes....It's "Twilight"

and don't you just love this pic
(courtesy of "The Weekend Australian Magazine)

It's supposed to be for teenagers..... the answer to Harry Potter


it's Harry Potter on Hormones

It's attracting OLDER WOMEN readers!!

It will be interesting to see whether I make it to the 2010 list !
How do you think I'll go ?

And here I am with some of my Bookclub friends

(No prizes for guessing that I'm the one on the left)



Journaling Woman said...

What an interesting post. I heard yesterday how Twilight has the older woman's attention!! Of course they were calling a 34 year old woman a cougar. What??? Not me yet on Twilight, but how cool it that? I have decided that I am going to try and create a bookclub. I have been thinking about it.

PS- I had already guessed you in the photo!! hee hee And I must say you are absolutely gorgeous. -Teresa

Fatbrideslim said...

Your book club sounds wonderful!

Oh, I'm hearing so much about the Twilight series! I will borrow them from my brother when I am home at Christmas :-) Good luck getting it on the 2010 list.


P.s. Love the photo.

White Dove said...

Teresa & Lily....thank you both for you comments. The Twilight books and films have certainly grabbed world attention....but I haven't yet read any of the books...
Teresa...good luck with your's really more than a book discussion....we get completely off the track at times as one comment leads to another....but I always come away from the group feeling I've been somewhere special almost a privilege to belong to it.
Lily...home for Christmas...that's wonderful. Hope you enjoy your read if you have a moment. Interesting that your brother is a reader...and thank you both for your comments about my pic...and as for making the list for next year....forget it !

A Melbourne Girl said...

Too funny about Sarah Palin. What a pity your humour was lost on other members of the club.

I haven't got into the Twilight books/movies, but I did get into Hary Potter. Big time and read them all. Even bought the DVD's of the films. I know, a bit sad.

I need some Christmas reading so might try Twilight. Nice pic White Dove.


arlee bird said...

I wish I could find a book club like that nearby my area. I'd probably have to either drive several miles or learn Spanish. It seems like a group like that would be like being back in college but not having to worry about a grade.

White Dove said... of the benefits of living in a small provincial city, is that nothing is more than 5 minutes away...(well I do tend to suffer from exaggeration at times)...but a beautiful beach is just 12 mins down the road. Glorious huh! Must do a post about for the bookclub...if you don't like the book, you stop reading and mouth your disquiet at the next one gives you a FAIL!

And Lesley... yes my Sarah P joke went down like the proverbial lead balloon and wondered if I should mention it in my blog seeing I have some readers from the US of unfavourable comment yet! Hope you've got your feet up after your big renovation.

Journaling Woman said...

WD, Stop over at my blog. I have given your wonderful blog an award.


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